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2018 Design Trends to Embrace

2018 design trends to embrace

We’ve been living in 2018 for a couple of weeks now. Most of the hullabaloo has died down, which means we can focus on design trends that are worth embracing.  While glossy magazines and the web are filled with photos dangled out there like a carrot for a horse, not all can, will or should be a part of our individual homes.

As any good talker would do, I started researching; looking to a few well-established design sites. Each had cross-over ideas, as well as individualistic ones. And, since my notes include a long list of concepts, it was necessary to pare down the notions.

2018 design trends to embrace

The most important message is personality. 

Don’t lose your personality to glom onto a fad that will be here today and gone at the beginning of 2019. My Domaine’s article balanced the outs with what’s in. For example, “Out: Faux Industrial, In: Authenticity.”

Effective rooms have an authentic feel about them. Walking in, you instantly know the person who lives there truly lives there. It might be furnished with items collected from travels, gathered and re-purposed at motley places or passed down heirlooms.  Whatever the case, let your little-self shine, whatever that shininess looks like.

2018 design trends to embraceThere’s more color out there than white.

As much as we adore a crisp white kitchen, it’s time for other hues. Designers are gravitating to rich colors. Houzz says we’re going to see bright, bold sofas, matte black finishes, and the comeback of floral patterns. When it comes to the famed millennial pink, House Beautiful touts that it’s now lavender’s turn to be the next darling shade.

Moody, high-contrast palettes need to have a balance point. White and natural elements provide poise and stability. Stone, wood, woven textures and even plants create a ballast of balance.

2018 design trends to embraceWhat else is trending?

There were a few things that I found quite interesting; velvet, olive green and chartreuse to name a few. Is this a throwback to the 60’s or 70’s? No. The velvet doesn’t look like old tasseled bedspreads. There’s an air of sophistication, especially if that piece is in an eye popping chartreuse or peacock.

Curvy furniture is an in thing; craving to be decked in a luscious color. Mixing metals is very on point. Don’t you find a mash of items to be more interesting? Finally, we’re given permission to have brass intermingled with brushed nickel or copper hanging out with matte black finishes. It’s that personality factor in our design trends.

Well, friends, this is a nutshell version of what’s out in the marketplace of dreams for 2018. Which design trends are vying for your attention? I’m falling for the floral comeback and am contemplating an over-sized display for my dining room. We’ll see.

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