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A table made of mud (australia)

a table made of mud australia

A table made of mud seems like a happy something that littles do while making mud pies and playing patty-cake in the backyard. My grown-up version is an adaptation; setting the table with pieces of divine porcelain from Mud Australia.

The handmade porcelain line was founded in 1994 by Shelley Simpson. Each stunning piece is minimalist and artistic with modern features and color palettes that fit well in a wide range of home styles. Each time I cup a piece in my hands, it’s a tactile experience of glazed interior and matte exterior. Vitrified stone-like is how Mud describes it, and the matte becomes smoother with each touch.

a table made of mud australia

How do they do it?

All of Mud Australia’s items are made by hand in their Sydney factory, using Limoges porcelain sourced straight from France. Ceramicists pigment the porcelain so the color goes through each piece. Just in case you get a small chip or mar, there will be no glaring white spot.

Their range of products continues to grow with the addition of new shapes which includes cookware, tea service and light fixtures, as well as plates, darling noodle bowls and the sweetest espresso cups. Truly each item is perfectly imperfect; evidence that Mud pieces are made one at a time by hand.

a table made of mud australia

Is it useful for everyday?

Yes it is! Mud Australia can be safely used in the oven, microwave and dishwasher. Just pay attention when loading the dishwasher, being careful to avoid over-stacking. Because of thermal shock, sudden changes in temperature are not recommended. What this means is freezer to oven is not a good idea.

Also noteworthy, to avoid scratches on the glaze, Mud should be stored in place racks or with linen/felt dividers between each item. That way, they’ll remain in pristine shape for years of setting a table with Mud Australia.

Who wants to come and play in the Mud? Our lovely boutique studio has pieces galore to touch and experience. This is how I do mud pies.



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