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Kick off Summer, Glamp in Style

May 23, 2018 Bedding, Blog, Interior Design, latest news, Libeco, Uncategorized 0

kick off summer, glamp in style

Do you feel the warmth in the air? Memorial weekend fires up our outdoor living season in all of its natural glamp and glory. Whether picnicking or camping, why not do it in a perfect definitive fashion?

No doubt, Central Oregon is a mecca for outdoor enthusiasts.

Go figure, when we have trails to hike, mountains to climb and a world-class river to fish, float and paddle. On top of all of the activities, we’re saturated with 300+ days of sunshine and panoramic views.

kick off summer, glamp in style

The way I see it, it’s time to kick off summer and go glamp in style.

Glamping is the loving union of two immensely different words: camping and glamour.

And, yes, it is possible to camp and picnic with some panache. Just think about the amazing tents, yurts or Airstreams pictured on travel sites and magazines depicting bits of luxury while taking in the countryside. This is a enchanting dream, with a symphony of birds and crickets, that can be reality. Take me away, Prince Charming.

kick off summer, glamp in style

Some of our favorite makers “get the glamp.” They know we want to climb into a cozy bed or snuggle up while we’re huddled around a camp fire, roasting and toasting.

One particular maker that we so appreciate is Libeco.

We’re unquestionably loving pillows and specifically the floor pillows made of durable, textural linen. Their Napoli Vintage line has a worn-in feel and muted colors that look fabulous on the patio, tucked in a corner with a pile of books or plopped by the bonfire. No hard stool or sagging chair sounds pretty spectacular.

kick off summer, glamp in style

So, now that you have a comfy place to sit, let’s chat about keeping the chill at bay. Libeco has you covered – no pun intended – in that area too.  Linen blankets, wool-linen scarves and comforters that will be the envy of your camping neighbors who truly wish they were doing the glamp.

Before heading out to take in all the long weekend’s fun and revelry, stop by the studio to check out some “necessities” for braving the wild.

Chat soon –


Times are changing, a goodbye and a hello

April 25, 2018 Bedding, Blog, Interior Design, latest news, Uncategorized 0
Times are changing, a goodbye and a hello

Hello my friends!

Times are changing so, I have exciting news to share with you. Over the course of the last few months I decided to sell my décor and design business, Nicole Michelle. You might think it was a difficult decision to make, but happily it wasn’t.

Last year the changing began when I  sold the building on Newport Avenue and moved to our Knoll studio location. Since that time, our unconventional lifestyle of homeschooling and commuting to Portland has also included my husband launching two startups. It was time to streamline our lifestyle.

The decision to sell was easy, fast and fluid because I sold the business to a dedicated troupe-member, my longest now-former employee, the supremely talented designer, Veronique Waldron.


With our long history together, I have every confidence in Veronique’s commitment to continuing to provide superior service, to stock the finest goods and to lend her incomparable eye for design. You will surely see me frequenting the Knoll studio as a regular customer of Nicole Michelle and client of Veronique Waldron Design.

I look forward to seeing all of you and watching the business’s continued growth.




Bonjour mes amies!

After almost four years of working in collaboration with Nicole, the opportunity rose for me to purchase and continue the business.

The legacy that I wish to continue is creating an inviting atmosphere in a studio setting.


Nicole Michelle – Vero Studio has European flair from Paris to Belgium; Italy to India, and America. New features and focus will include custom designed pillows; lighting handcrafted from slivers of wood by Wood Lighting Design and designer-touched window coverings.

I truly love what I do. It’s my passion; creating cozy living rooms and bedrooms, mostly because I’m a cozy girl. Welcome to my studio. Please stop for a visit to view bedding, table linens, window treatments and upholstery fabrics.

Chat soon,


Pillows are a room’s accessories

March 14, 2018 Blog, Coyuchi, Interior Design, Kerry Cassill, latest news, Les Indiennes, Libeco, Uncategorized 0
Pillows are a room’s accessories

The legendary icon of style, Coco Chanel said, “Accessories are what makes or marks a woman. “ I tend to think the same is true when styling a room. Pillows are a room’s accessories. Think about it. Sofas without pillows are just sofas, but add playful colored or decorated pillows and the whole room takes on a new life.

Since the inception of the shop, we’ve carried an array of pillows from several of our makers. Libeco brings nubby Belgian linen to the table, while Les Indiennes casts an ethnic feel with single motif patterns. Coyuchi and Kerry Cassill fill in gaps with color, pattern and texture. Yet, we still felt like something was missing.

Read More

Designer tip: How to style a coffee table, bookshelves or sideboard

February 14, 2018 Astier de Villatte, Interior Design, Mud Australia, Organization, Uncategorized 0
Designer tip: How to style a coffee table, bookshelves or sideboard

Ever look at the sad, uninspiring surfaces in your home and wonder, “why?” Do designers have all the inside scoop on how to style a coffee table, bookshelves or sideboards? And, do we, as mere people struggling to make our space beautiful have to just guess and by golly?

As designers in the studio, we too grapple with placement and balance, color and texture. However, we also have a few tricks-of-the-trades that make the mêlée do-able. So, how does one actually take things and turn them into artful displays? Read More

2018 Design Trends to Embrace

January 18, 2018 Blog, Interior Design, latest news, Uncategorized 0
2018 Design Trends to Embrace

We’ve been living in 2018 for a couple of weeks now. Most of the hullabaloo has died down, which means we can focus on design trends that are worth embracing.  While glossy magazines and the web are filled with photos dangled out there like a carrot for a horse, not all can, will or should be a part of our individual homes.

As any good talker would do, I started researching; looking to a few well-established design sites. Each had cross-over ideas, as well as individualistic ones. And, since my notes include a long list of concepts, it was necessary to pare down the notions. Read More

Cold Nights, Cozy Beds

December 13, 2017 Bedding, Blog, Coyuchi, Interior Design, Libeco, Quilts, Uncategorized 0
Cold Nights, Cozy Beds

Cold nights (it was 9 degrees yesterday morning) call for cozy beds, so I put on winter flannels. And, there are two extra throws tossed at the end of the bed, just in case. Layer upon layer; isn’t that what we’re told regarding outdoor wear, and shouldn’t the same rule apply to our bedding?

I’ve been asking myself, what makes a bed cozy? Is it truly dependent on the temperature, or something to be experienced year round? Quite frankly, when I think about cozy, words like soft, welcoming and comforting come to mind. My thoughts also roam to warm and tucked in, which would be temperature dependent. Imaginably, cozy is a state of mind that is as individual as our beds. Read More

It’s time to deck the table. Are you ready?

November 29, 2017 Astier de Villatte, Blog, Juliska, Mud Australia, Table settings, Uncategorized 0
It’s time to deck the table. Are you ready?

It’s time to deck the table and the halls, walls and front yard. Wait! At the same time, it feels like Thanksgiving was just cleared away. My, how time takes off at the speed of light when the Holiday Season has descended. I don’t know about you, but my “to-do” list is much longer than my “done” list. At work, that’s job security; at home, the need to get going on my ever-growing lists. Yes, I have “lists,” plural!

I find the best way to start ticking off the boxes is to start with one project, before moving on to the next. Since you don’t want all of the details of my halls, walls and front yard, I’ll focus on an area of which I’m especially passionate – the table. Read More

What’s on my wish list?

November 15, 2017 Astier de Villatte, Blog, John Derian, Quilts 0
What’s on my wish list?

What’s on my wish list, you might ask. As a matter of fact, during our staff meeting on Monday we were discussing this very question. Of course, when I look around the studio so many lovelies vie for my attention. It’s just hard to decide, which doesn’t help friends, family or our dear significant others.

To get your mind dreaming, here are some of our favorites. Feel free to use our suggestions, or come up with your own desires. Read More

The Holiday Countdown is Real

November 1, 2017 Blog, latest news, Les Indiennes, Libeco, Table settings, Thanksgiving, Uncategorized 0
The Holiday Countdown is Real

The Holiday countdown is real and happening before our very eyes. In fact, I have a friend who, every year, will post some unnerving picture of Santa and his elves doing a countdown to Christmas. She will start these posts in July, that’s what’s so unnerving. However, when you are in retail, one must start to plot early.

On a personal note, though, as I’m writing this post, it’s Halloween. Essentially, this means I need to get cracking on my planning. And, since I am a “planner,” the need seems even more urgent. Just look at the calendar. There are only three Thursdays until Thanksgiving. We could extrapolate on out to Christmas, but I’ll save you that panic attack for a few weeks. Read More

Napkins, a piece of cloth

October 18, 2017 Blog, Interior Design, latest news, Libeco, Table settings 0
Napkins, a piece of cloth

Napkins, a simple piece of cloth or paper used to wipe our lips and hands, or to protect our clothes from a stray bite when we’re too busy chatting. I thought we learned to not talk with food in our mouths as kids. Some of our best lessons go unheeded at times; therefore, the need for a utilitarian square with great table impact.

Resourceful, ingenious, inspired tables are strewn all over our social media feeds. Friends post artistic pictures on Instagram of the setting they created for their last get together. Let’s face it, we feel the pressure to perform, and the Holiday Season is fast approaching. Oh, my weary head, just thinking and planning. Read More