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Celebrate the Modern Dad

celebrate the modern dad

Let’s face it; Dad doesn’t want another tie for Father’s Day or Christmas, or for that matter, his birthday. Why shouldn’t we celebrate the modern dad with amenities and pampering suited to his lifestyle?

President Coolidge thoughtfully said this day would “establish more intimate relations between fathers and their children” and “impress upon fathers the full measure of their obligations.” Library of Congress Wise Guide

There are a couple of stories floating through history regarding the official beginning of Father’s Day. The first took place in Fairmont, West Virginia in July of 1908. After a mine explosion took the lives of 361 men, Grace Golden Clayton suggested to the local Methodist church minister that they hold a special service to honor the fallen men.

celebrate the modern dadThe other, more widely held chronicle from 1910 is also of a young woman. Sonora Dodd wanted to celebrate her father who had raised her (and 5 siblings) after their mother died in childbirth. They lived on a small farm in Spokane, Washington. It was during a church service that Ms. Dodd had the idea of paying homage to fathers, echoing Mother’s Day, but it would be in June, her dad’s birthday month.

Either story gives a worthy reason, but it took until 1924 for the day to gain national status under President Calvin Coolidge; however it was in 1966 under President Lyndon B. Johnson that the third Sunday in June was proclaimed as Father’s Day. It was made a federal holiday 6 years later under President Richard Nixon.

Here at Nicole Michelle, we think dads are pretty special guys and deserve a little acclaim. Tokens of true appreciation run the gamut from the precious cards that the kids craft to a special meal or … you fill in the blank. However it looks, modern dad should feel pampered in some way that is appropriate for him. Here are four out-of-the-box suggestions:

celebrate the modern dadPlan an activity that is centered around dad.

This may look like a family soccer game, a hike on the river or breakfast in bed. (Yes, some guys would adore this!) You know your guy, make it suit him.

Refresh his self-care items.

May we suggest a linen towel? We really like these for a few reasons. They’re usually over-sized (read man-sized) and have a rougher texture, which seems to suit guys. An added bonus is they come in great neutral colors. You can add in other goodies that will have him feeling spiffed up.

celebrate the modern manWrite notes of appreciation.

Start with things like, “We celebrate you because…” or “I really love how you always help me with…” I know some men like to be the strong, silent type with no mushiness involved, but trust me, they like hearing these words of affirmation.

Fix a meal.

This seems like a no-brainer, but no tweaking the recipes here (unless you have a culinary adventurer.) Steak is ok, but so is quiche because real men do eat it. And, what’s the old saying? “The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach?” Let him enjoy cake or steak.

With these thoughts in hand, I hope your modern dad will enjoy the attention lavished on them, as they establish relationships with their children and feel the measure of their obligations.

Happy Father’s Day!














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