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Cold Nights, Cozy Beds

cold nights, cozy beds

Cold nights (it was 9 degrees yesterday morning) call for cozy beds, so I put on winter flannels. And, there are two extra throws tossed at the end of the bed, just in case. Layer upon layer; isn’t that what we’re told regarding outdoor wear, and shouldn’t the same rule apply to our bedding?

I’ve been asking myself, what makes a bed cozy? Is it truly dependent on the temperature, or something to be experienced year round? Quite frankly, when I think about cozy, words like soft, welcoming and comforting come to mind. My thoughts also roam to warm and tucked in, which would be temperature dependent. Imaginably, cozy is a state of mind that is as individual as our beds.

Rather than over analyzing what cozy beds are,

let’s dream over a selection of photos and see how cozy looks.


cold nights, cozy beds

Consider this bed all dressed up in Libeco linen. It embodies cozy, yet is placed in an open air setting, and it has two adorable little girls.

The duvets are plump, stuffed with what we can only imagine to be feather down comforters. There are stratums of linen to snuggle into, which is then topped with a fringed throw. Because of the stunning simplicity in this bed, it plays well with texture like the weave of the linen and the tassels on the throw.

cold nights, cozy beds

A one word description of this Coyuchi bedding would be – soft.  The colors are quiet and soothing; certainly a welcome sight at the end of the day.

Brushed flannel sheets afford an added velvety feel when slipping under the covers. And the intricate design on the quilt whispers cozy into ears bent on sleeping serenely. Organic cotton pieces give peace to body, mind and soul.

cold nights, cozy beds

Savor the divine cozy beds made up in SDH Fine European Linens. Options are abundant with oodles of swatches for endless combinations.

Unquestionably, one has to indulge all of the senses with this bedding. From an overflowing duvet to blankets that announce texture and opulence. Notice the welcoming pile of pillows. With this line, one can really build a bed of dreams.

My bed falls into a mix of cozy aspects. I have the touch of flannel, the texture of a pleated quilt, the plump down comforter and fringed throws. Layer upon layer, I look forward to nightfall and sweet, curious dreams.



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