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Nicole Michelle offers a handsome selection of gift ideas for every giving occasion. Carefully chosen, artisan-crafted objects fill the studio shelves. Exquisite pieces for the discerning person on your gift list.

Favored gift ideas include essential-oil scented candles and subtle French incense, crafted in Paris, France. Hand-stitched quilts in delightful city, coastal and constellation patterns, along with kites to sail away. Decoupage enhanced paperweights, perfect utilitarian art.

Thoughtfully designed to showcase a variety of aesthetic arrangements, the studio exudes comfort, grace and ease. So, stop by and shop our selection of unique pieces.

  • Candles scented with essential oils
  • Subtle French incense
  • Whimsical sailing kites
  • Handcrafted quilts depicting cities, coastlines and constellations
  • Paperweights as objet d’art

Gift Ideas: Candles | Incense | Personal Care

Nicole Michelle stocks candles and incense crafted by Astier de Villatte from Paris, France. Their collection takes travelers on an delightful olfactory journey.

  • Each candle is made in a workshop in the south of France by a master candle-maker who has perfected the art of wax preparation. Astier’s wax is unique, supple and soft in texture, which is a mark of purity. The process is highly artisanal.
  • Incense comes from the Japanese island of Awaji where smoke curls permeate homes, and leave aromatics for hours. Koh-shis, masters of scent, make incense in line with a thousand year old tradition, which is handed down through generations. Incense is hand-rolled and left to dry in the wind for three days before being gathered into bundles.

Find luxurious and pampering personal care products at Nicole Michelle.

  • Bikini Body Sugar Scrub is hand-crafted in fragrances for both women and men. The scrub leaves skin feeling exfoliated and nourished with natural oils.
  • Creme Suisse, a light and rich hand cream that spreads effortlessly onto skin.

Gift Ideas: Paperweights | Kites | Quilts

Nicole Michelle curates one-of-a-kind objects. Objects fashioned with an eye to detail that won’t be found in the next shop.

  • John Derian’s handmade decoupage paperweights and ornaments. Crafted in his New York studio by a small staff of artisans. These curious gifts are artful and useful.
  • Let’s go fly a kite in the form of Haptic Lab’s sailing ships. Appropriate to sail in the breeze from string or dangled in a room as a point of interest.
  • Carefully stitched quilts depicting great cities of the world, coastlines near and far, and constellations floating above. Throw and bed sizes are available.