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Interior Design Studio | Custom Bedding | Upholstery Fabric | Drapery & Hardware | Bend, Oregon

Interior Design is an art with components including bedding, upholstery fabric and draperies.

Designers will find that Nicole Michelle – Vero Studio stocks an excellent collection of linens and tableware. The studio also serves as a showroom, allowing design professionals and clients to select from a variety of textile swatches, drapery hardware samples and comprehensive catalogs. Decorator fabric is available by the yard for custom bedding ensembles, furniture upholstery and window coverings. The knowledgeable staff includes owner and  interior designer, Veronique Waldron. We’re here to spend as much time as you like to access our makers’ complete collections; selecting the perfect decor resources to surround yourself with beauty and quality in every detail.

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Please stop in the studio for an introduction to the striking home decor offerings and interior design resources at Nicole Michelle – Vero Studio. Complete the form below and we will contact you shortly. Or feel free to phone us at 541-610-2371 to schedule an appointment for an extended tour of our custom bedding, decorator textiles, upholstery fabric, and drapery hardware. We look forward to assisting you with your polished selections.