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Introducing John Derian Throw Pillows

Introducing John Derian Throw Pillows

John Derian has been collaborating with companies and designers for several years. His distinctive style has kept us transfixed as etchings and illustrations have been deftly applied to plates and platters, created into paperweights and now placed on fabrics. So, with happy acclaim we are pleased to introduce you to his newest endeavor of translating his designs onto throw pillows.

Just in case you’re not familiar with the work of John Derian, his world is a magical place full of printed images from the past, antiques and assorted curiosities. His is a world to be experienced through the senses.


Introducing John Derian Throw PillowsThis all sounds eccentric, peculiar and quirky, like we’d dropped into an Alice-in-Wonderland story. In reality, John Derian is a celebrated decoupage artist, along with other unique distractions. These so-called distractions have led to his discovery of past illustrations, etchings, rare reproductions and other printed materials that have become his muse.

We are now delighted to announce the launch of fabrics, wallpapers and accessories that capture his inimitable style. A versatile collection that perfectly reflects Derian’s extraordinarily beautiful aesthetic, with intricate botanical illustrations, romantic florals and vintage prints. – Designers Guild

Introducing John Derian Throw PillowsWorking with Designer’s Guild, Derian’s first collection of fabrics and wallpaper is aptly entitled – Picture Book.  And if you have ever had a chance to skim through, or actually own a copy of his actual Picture Book, you’ll recognize John’s whimsical style.

In the creative process, patterns are digitally printed on pure linen fabric which is embellished with finely detailed touches of embroidery.  Honestly, these pillows are striking, with just the right touch of charm.


Our current stock includes the remarkably colorful Gloxinia Violet, ethereal Dragonfly and the gossamer winged Mirrored Butterflies. Each luscious creation is 20” x 20” and includes the insert.

While we can’t all live in John Derian’s magical world, we can live with pieces of his grand creations. Please stop by the studio to see and touch.

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