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Kick off Summer, Glamp in Style

kick off summer, glamp in style

Do you feel the warmth in the air? Memorial weekend fires up our outdoor living season in all of its natural glamp and glory. Whether picnicking or camping, why not do it in a perfect definitive fashion?

No doubt, Central Oregon is a mecca for outdoor enthusiasts.

Go figure, when we have trails to hike, mountains to climb and a world-class river to fish, float and paddle. On top of all of the activities, we’re saturated with 300+ days of sunshine and panoramic views.

kick off summer, glamp in style

The way I see it, it’s time to kick off summer and go glamp in style.

Glamping is the loving union of two immensely different words: camping and glamour.

And, yes, it is possible to camp and picnic with some panache. Just think about the amazing tents, yurts or Airstreams pictured on travel sites and magazines depicting bits of luxury while taking in the countryside. This is a enchanting dream, with a symphony of birds and crickets, that can be reality. Take me away, Prince Charming.

kick off summer, glamp in style

Some of our favorite makers “get the glamp.” They know we want to climb into a cozy bed or snuggle up while we’re huddled around a camp fire, roasting and toasting.

One particular maker that we so appreciate is Libeco.

We’re unquestionably loving pillows and specifically the floor pillows made of durable, textural linen. Their Napoli Vintage line has a worn-in feel and muted colors that look fabulous on the patio, tucked in a corner with a pile of books or plopped by the bonfire. No hard stool or sagging chair sounds pretty spectacular.

kick off summer, glamp in style

So, now that you have a comfy place to sit, let’s chat about keeping the chill at bay. Libeco has you covered – no pun intended – in that area too.  Linen blankets, wool-linen scarves and comforters that will be the envy of your camping neighbors who truly wish they were doing the glamp.

Before heading out to take in all the long weekend’s fun and revelry, stop by the studio to check out some “necessities” for braving the wild.

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