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Napkins, a piece of cloth

napkins, a piece of cloth

Napkins, a simple piece of cloth or paper used to wipe our lips and hands, or to protect our clothes from a stray bite when we’re too busy chatting. I thought we learned to not talk with food in our mouths as kids. Some of our best lessons go unheeded at times; therefore, the need for a utilitarian square with great table impact.

Resourceful, ingenious, inspired tables are strewn all over our social media feeds. Friends post artistic pictures on Instagram of the setting they created for their last get together. Let’s face it, we feel the pressure to perform, and the Holiday Season is fast approaching. Oh, my weary head, just thinking and planning.

napkins, a piece of cloth

Rest assured, friends. The right elements and a little DIY effort, will have your tablescape more amazing than anything Pinterest throws at you. The key is in the choosing.

Choose a table covered with real linen – whether cotton, linen or some mix – opt for cloth. It can be very uptown and sophisticated if well-ironed, or have a relaxed, casual feel if left with the “just-washed” look.

We happen to be particularly fond Libeco’s napkins. Each piece is made by Belgian weavers who have been producing linen for over 150 years. They know what they’re doing and the options and weaves are resplendent. Just touching them makes you go “ahhh”.

napkins, a piece of cloth

Choose a fancy fold for your napkins. Fancy doesn’t necessarily mean complicated, like creating a swan. However, a couple of extra folds can create a pocket of interest or a lovely angle.

This is where a little DIY effort comes in. Just look at how plain cloth napkins become vignettes for a sprig of herbs, flatware or even a place card or small treat. Click this link for instructions.

napkins, a piece of clothChoose to pay attention to details. That’s what will set your table apart from the run-of-the-mill setting. 

When it comes to the details,  we’re finding ourselves drawn to Timmery, one of Libeco’s new collections. Organic linen is washed, so the feel is soft from the get go. It’s offered in three rich, earthy colors: Beeswax Brown, Oyster and Flax. Intricate weaving and hemstitching, speaks rustic refinement.

napkins, a piece of cloth

But, wait, there’s the time honored Napoli Vintage napkins which are abiding, with a heavier texture. Pressed to perfection, or left slightly rumpled, these napkins will weather years of use for Holidays and every day. Unpretentious hues will blend with modern and traditional tableware.

As I mentioned, the Holidays will be here in the wink of an eye, so we’re stocked with a nice assortment of napkins to dress your table, act as fill-in placemats or even to be used to wrap up a little gift for guests. Remember our post on Furoshiki, the Japanese art of wrapping with cloth?

Friends, make your purchase in November with our  20% off promotion on table linens. Watch our Facebook page and your inbox for details.

For now, save those beautiful table ideas, and feel free to share your own photos @NicoleMichelleDecor.



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