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Creating a one-of-a-kind bed

one-of-a-kind bed

When you hear the words, one-of-a-kind bed ensemble, what flashes through your head; dollar signs and countless hours looking at fabric swatches until your head spins? That’s what often happens, so some opt for the easy, visiting the closest retail chain. Sure, they’ve put together some good looks, even nice pairings. However, they are not exactly unique, since your neighbor also chose the same outfit for her bed.

At Nicole Michelle we expertly mix and match the best bedding makers, building a completely personal collection, in what is sure to be a unique ensemble…just for you.


one-of-a-kind bed

SDH bedding, European luxury linens

Still wondering where to start with this whole unique, one-of-a-kind bed thing? Let me walk you through the process:

1. Tour our boutique.

Get to know the different makers and their offerings. One is certain to hold more appeal than others.

You’ll be surprised to find that even some of our more design-specific makers, like Les Indiennes with their ethnic vibe or Bella Notte’s romanticism offer pieces suitable for modern, minimalist décor. Conversely, Area Home, with their clean aesthetic would be at home in glam or traditional surroundings.


one-of-a-kind bed

Area Home offers a clean, Scandinavian feel to their linens

2. Select an anchor piece.   

Pick out a duvet, quilt or coverlet as a base piece from your favorite maker, and then choose shams in assorted sizes (Euro, king or standard) to match. Matching anchor and shams will hold everything else together.


one-of-a-kind bed

Capture a relaxed, ethnic vibe with Les Indiennes

3. Decide on pleasing coordinates.

This is where the “one-of-a-kind” factor really comes into play. Our different makers offer complimentary embellishments, or for a truly one-of-a-kind bed mix in pieces from another maker. Maybe a cozy throw woven of baby alpaca to warm up the clean-lined bedding, or ruffled pillows for a feminine touch.


one-of-a-kind bed

Linen at it’s best, thanks Libeco. Pillows, towels, bedding.

Consider a coordinating pillow to place on a nearby chair. If another room is visible from the bedroom, it doesn’t hurt to extend pieces to those nearby rooms. Remember how we want everything held together?


one-of-a-kind bed

A playful mix of patterns is the signature of Kerry Cassill

What to expect at Nicole Michelle.

You can look forward to being greeted warmly by down-to-earth design professionals who have an unmatched knowledge of our bedding. Swatches and products galore are available to borrow, or we offer complimentary home visits for when the task seems too daunting without another set of eyes. If you happen to be working with a designer, please bring them along. We are here to assist in a myriad of ways.

Ready to jump in and create the bed you’ve been dreaming of? I thought so…



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