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Pillows are a room’s accessories

Pillows are a room's accessories

The legendary icon of style, Coco Chanel said, “Accessories are what makes or marks a woman. “ I tend to think the same is true when styling a room. Pillows are a room’s accessories. Think about it. Sofas without pillows are just sofas, but add playful colored or decorated pillows and the whole room takes on a new life.

Since the inception of the shop, we’ve carried an array of pillows from several of our makers. Libeco brings nubby Belgian linen to the table, while Les Indiennes casts an ethnic feel with single motif patterns. Coyuchi and Kerry Cassill fill in gaps with color, pattern and texture. Yet, we still felt like something was missing.

Along with our renewed emphasis on the design-aspect of the studio – custom bedding, window treatments and upholstery work – we found a new love of lively pillows to accessorize ‘til our heart’s content.

Pillows are a room's accessoriesWhat does this mean?” you ask. We’re excited to announce Veronique Waldron’s (part of our fabulous troupe) foray into the world of custom-designed pillows. As an interior designer, she has access to a myriad of stunning fabrics. Her splendid eye for design puts her in a position to choose pieces that dreamily compliment our Napoli Vintage line of pillows.

You will find that each hand-crafted, in Bend, Oregon pillow has a perfect quarter inch stitched edge. Additionally, each piece has a hidden zipper for ease in laundering.  Fabrics vary in composition, but mimic the weave on the Belgian linen.

Want something more luxurious? We currently have pillows in muted chartreuse velveteen and a crazy faux zebra print with the same muted chartreuse piping. The absolute beauty of Veronique’s endeavor is the unique possibilities are limitless. Fringe, fur, piping, custom sizes are a handful of the options.

Pillows are a room's accessoriesWe’re pretty excited about Vero’s new pillows. Ultimately, she can provide the most appropriate accessories for your sofa, chairs or beds; something that will mix or match window treatments, upholstery or wall coverings.  Your space can have what’s needed to “make” it, rather than “mark” it.

I invite you to stop in to see our current stock and inquire about other choices. After all, design and style is what we do.






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