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Re-invent: A short story about a reupholstered chair

re-invent: a short story

A short story about a reupholstered chair that came back to life with some imagination, thoughtfulness and able hands.

There once was a little chair whose sole purpose was strictly utilitarian. He was dressed in a drab canvas, with buttons popping and a seat smudged from frequent sitting. Little Chair served his purpose well, never complaining of his colorless place in life. He was down-to-earth and useful.

One day, Little Chair encountered Carnation. Now Carnation was stamped by hand with naturally derived dyes in indigo tones; nothing showy, but with panache that only an indigo carnation could don. Little Chair was astute. He knew this happenstance with Carnation would change his life for all time.

re-invent: a short storyDo you like our segue into upholstery?

You see, we’ve recently had two of our studio pieces reupholstered. And, I can’t tell you how over-the-top we are with the outcome. Our sweet little chair is dressed in an incredible fabric from Les Indiennes and our daybed now sports gorgeous fog-hued linen from Libeco.

To begin with, we adore these companies on several levels.

You have a hand-touched element in each product. Natural fibers are infused with colors that reflect the landscape we see out of our windows. Both are very environmentally aware and leave as small a foot-print as possible. Mostly, though, we love the way they make us smile when we take in their beauty with our senses.

re-invent: a short storyAlong with a new location, we have a renewed focus on being a full-service design stop.

This focus includes upholstery work, window treatments, bedding customized just for you, and of course our fetching gifts and goodies to fill in the blanks.

Linen or stamped fabrics might not be your cup-of-tea. That’s ok. We have other choices thanks to Veronique’s interior design connections. Think plaids, stripes and swirls that appear like sand sculptures. You might be able to tell, we’re pretty jazzed about the possibilities.

For more detailed information about the how-to process, re-read “Got a chair in need of new upholstery fabric?”








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