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Ronda Wiltse, my rooms tell a story

Ronda Wiltse

Around a tiny black table in the shop, I had the lovely opportunity to sit down to “interview” Ronda Wiltse. She is a delightful person, a friend of Nicole Michelle Décor and has some great words of advice regarding design style.

Two things, specifically, resonated in my heart and design sense: make it meaningful and let your rooms tell a story.

Q: Ronda, tell us a little about yourself. How do you occupy your time?

A: I’m a native Oregonian! While I was born in Salem, my history is in Central Oregon. I spent childhood years in Bend visiting with my grandparents and great grandparents. My grandfather was a cabinet maker and purchased his lumber from the old mill. I remember when the Old Mill was an old mill.

I spend as much time as possible in Hawaii and travelling the world, but always love coming home. (Her home happens to be an 80 acre farm near Sisters.) I get great joy decorating my home and creating a beautiful space for my family.

Ronda Wiltse, my rooms telll a story

On the ranch with Ronda

A Real Estate Developer by trade, writing and blogging is also on her list of activities. Check out Ronda’s blog, Rhelpful – Hints for Humans in Need.

Q: Describe your design style. What items do you love to put into a room, or feel are “necessary” to fit your style?

A: Art, books, luxury sheets and meaningful items. Every object has a story, art from a friend or collected on a trip, organic items like rocks from adventures in the woods. The pieces say something. My rooms are a story of my life.

I really prefer consistency in design. My home in Sisters has a neutral, outside-in scheme of gray and taupe. It reflects the landscape. The same is true in Hawaii. That house echoes the blue of the ocean and sky against a neutral palette.

Another must-have is each bedroom needs a sitting area, including my kids’ rooms. In their bedrooms, I’ve incorporated the rocking chairs from their nurseries. No matter how small the room, I feel like you can always carve out a spot to sit and contemplate.


Ronda Wiltse

Les Indiennes bedding captures the feeling of Aloha

Q: Let’s talk about your home in Hawaii. What are you most proud of? Enjoy the most? What type of comments have you received from guests?

A: It’s dreamy there. (You almost feel like she went there for a moment.)

We first started going to Hawaii in 1997. It was instant relaxation and very calming. Then it took 10 years of looking to find the perfect house. Now, though, it’s decorated using the same philosophy of using meaningful objects. For example there’s a vintage map of the islands and a painting of one of our favorite beaches. It’s a place to be together cooking, relaxing and being by the pool. Our guests feel very at home in our part of paradise.


Ronda Wiltse

Can you feel the trade winds?

Here’s a portion of a recent guest post

Our family of five (three teenage boys 14-18) just enjoyed a 10 day vacation at this beautiful home.

The pool and grounds are perfect for a family with active kids that want to play and have fun. The house was very clean and well equipped with lots of towels, beach towels, bedding, etc.  The four bedrooms are quite private and each has its own bathroom so the house would be perfect for couples as well. The beds are excellent. The great room is very airy with lots of cross breezes – the main front wall opens up completely incorporating the front lanai into the living room. The sun rises in the back and is a beautiful sight each morning and by late afternoon the pool is shaded which is a welcome break from the sun.

We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves and wish we could have stayed longer. Next year!

It does sound like a dreamy place to land.


Ronda Wiltse

The heart of the home is often the kitchen, a gathering spot

Q: Here’s our shameless question, how can we as a boutique and showroom help when you are looking to “re-do” a room, or whole house?

A: I look for quality items that look and feel good. I bought my first SDH sheets 15 years ago and they still look fabulous. In fact, I travel with my sheets, I’m that attached to them.

I became acquainted with Nicole Michelle after Shelly at Lark recommended them. I met Veronique and she helped me pull my bedroom together. Design services are important, as is high quality and selection.

When I was in the process of redoing the décor in the Hawaii house, I was able to touch and see swatches, make selections at Nicole Michelle and then take the pieces with me. It was a very nice convenience, and I think the result speaks for itself.

Q: Any final words?

A: I travel the world. I come home. And, each night I say, “Oh this is heaven.”

Ronda, we appreciate your kind words, your words of advice and the fact that you’re a friend of Nicole Michelle Décor. It was very nice chatting with you.

Cheers, friends –








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