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Nicole Michelle offers elegant tableware selections at our location on Newport Ave on the Westside of Bend. Whether shopping for your own home or for the perfect wedding gift, you'll find delicate and elegant tableware in vintage and contemporary designs. From servingware to beverage and drinkware, you'll find the treasure you're looking for a Nicole Michelle Decor.


Unique, artisan-made pieces, exquisitely crafted French ceramics, lead and uranium-free dishware, elegant vintage and contemporary designs, Nicole Michelle offers dinnerware to illuminate any table top.


Elegant and chic pitchers, handcrafted French porcelain pieces, intricate gold and platinum-engraved platters, Nicole Michelle offers unique artisan-polished servingware to delight guests and decorate the home.


Artisan-made, earth-friendly porcelain mugs, whimsical mouth-blown glassware, gold and platinum-glazed drinkware, Nicole Michelle offers pieces suitable for every drink and occasion.

Flatware | Cutlery

Stainless steel handcrafted, artisan-made flatware and cutlery, Nicole Michelle offers exquisitely designed pieces inspired by centuries of European artistry.