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The Art of the Spring Table

the art of the spring table

The Spring table is exceptionally cheery all dressed up in pastel hues and fresh blooms which popped out just in time for Easter, Mom’s day and a myriad of other social occasions for dining and brunching with family and friends. In fact, I’m already thinking about how to set my table for Easter brunch.

Recently I added some gorgeous Libeco napkins in colors with names like turchese, clementine, grass green and lemon yellow to my collection. When fanned out they look like something you’d find in a basket delivered by a bunny. The egg-dye colors are perfect with white dishes and a grower’s bunch of peonies or ranunculus.

I hear the passing echoes of winter and feel the warming spring on my face

– Terri Guillemets


the art of the spring table

Juliska – Berries and Thread dishware shines with a touch of peppermint posies

The Art of the Spring Table

Did you know there is an art to setting a table? The nice part, is with a few tips, you too can be setting things up that are definitely Instagram worthy.


the art of the spring table

simple white blooms and greenery perfectly pair with the minimalist look of Mud Australia plates

Choose the nature elements and flowers first.

I know this seems to be counter-intuitive, but trust me on this. Once you have a bundle picked out you instantly have a palette and theme for your table. Play with branches with opening buds, pots of grass, bright green moss or pretty pebbles to strew around.


the art of the spring table

Collect the pieces for dining and serving – Astier de Villatte

Gather the necessities.

Obviously, dishware, utensils, glassware, serving pieces and linens are needed. Feel free to mix patterns and colors, keeping that bunch of flowers in mind. Here is where I like to add something unexpected. Maybe a soup tureen to house rolled napkins or small art objects that add interest.

It’s always nice to have a focal point on the table. Often this is the florals, but could be cake stands piled with fruit and pastries. Try to vary the height so the table isn’t flat and blah.


the art of the spring table

Pink Arabella glassware echoes the color of the tulips – Juliska

Putting the table together.

Start by laying out the linens and then begin building your gorgeous tablescape. Tableware needs to be placed next, along with napkins, utensils and glassware. With this base, get creative finding sweet spots for pockets of the natural elements and collected objects. If you’re lacking something, improvise, mix and match. Your table will have more interest and guests will love the unanticipated parts.


One more table to inspire your scaping creations - Astier de Villatte

One more table to inspire your scaping creations – Astier de Villatte

The way I see things, I need to find flowers that will match my napkins. How’s that for following my own advice? Actually, since they sing of springtime, I think I’m ok.




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