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What’s on my wish list?

what's on my wish list

What’s on my wish list, you might ask. As a matter of fact, during our staff meeting on Monday we were discussing this very question. Of course, when I look around the studio so many lovelies vie for my attention. It’s just hard to decide, which doesn’t help friends, family or our dear significant others.

To get your mind dreaming, here are some of our favorites. Feel free to use our suggestions, or come up with your own desires.

what's on my wish listSefte Throws

If you follow us on Facebook or Instagram, you will have noticed wish list items popping up, like Sefte throws. Let me tell you they are perfect for the winter weather that’s on its way. Each design is fashioned from 100% baby alpaca. Some are woven soft and smooth, while others are textured and finished with luxurious fringe.

Sarah and Jenn, twin sisters run the company. Their philosophy is simply “home is an inner sanctum, a place to live slowly, artfully, and deliberately. It’s where we connect with the most important people in our lives. The place where we reconnect with ourselves.” We couldn’t agree more.

what's on my wish listHaptic Lab Quilts

Ready to make an appearance in the shop is the remarkable snowflake quilt from Haptic Lab. Year round coastal and constellations grace the studio, but when the flakes are predicted to fall on our town, it’s time to have an appealing indoor sort.

Each of their quilts (and kites for that matter) is tactile and sensory in their design. Emily Fischer founded her studio in 2009, specializing in handmade objects designed to playfully explore the sense of touch.

what's on my wish listAstier de Villatte

Astier de Villatte is very dear to my heart. Their incense, candles and tableware are to die for, I’m captivated.

Astier’s Paris workshop is filled with black terracotta pieces that are glazed in milky white. To say nothing of the hint of the dark color peeks through which offers the perfect balance of rustic and refined. Some items are adorned with the handiwork of John Derian; known for his decoupage technique. And, after all, I can only imagine the candle fragrances wafting from their studio.

In the same fashion as elves, my helpful troupe will create a “wish list” for you. It will function much like a registry, so add gorgeous items until your heart is content. Simply send family or friends in and we’ll send them home with just what you want.

Therefore, happy wishing!




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